Kang Haneul’s Presence in Movie Promotion ‘Forgotten’ Was Replaced by His Standing Banner

Actor Kang Haneul always shines even when he is undergoing military service. Together with Kim Moo Yul, Kang Haneul becomes the main character named Jin Seok in the movie ‘Forgotten’. In September, he entered the military. Although he could not be present in the promotion of the film, Kang Haneul’s figure was represented by standing banner of himself and his video talk about the production of the movie ‘Forgotten’.

Kim Moo Yul and Jang Hang Joon are trying to fill in Kang Ha Neul’s absence, even though they did not in many scenes with Kang Ha Neul. Kim Moo Yul said this is not the end of ‘the director’s pursuit. “Sometimes while waiting, Ha Neul stole a chance to sleep but the director glanced at him. After seeing him, he gave the nickname ‘Baby who sleeps when there is a chance'”, he exposed Jang Hang Jun’s shocking cruelty and made everyone laugh.

The film ‘Forgotten’ starring Kang Ha Neul who is undergoing military service will be released on November 29.