4 Idols Who Are Often Mistaken As Foreigners

K-Pop idols have distinctive features that make them stand out! Whether it’s their charming personality, intellegence, or good looks, the idol seems to always attract attention. However, some idols have strong features that sometimes they do not look like Asians! These are 4 idols that are easy to be mistaken as foreigners.

  1. VIXX Ken
Image Source : Singles Magazine

In 2015, an MC ever mistook Ken VIXX on live broadcast! Even so, Ken is actually from Jayang-dong. Netizens often commented on the fact that they thought he is a foreigner and guess if he is Thai and not Korean.

  1. LOONA Jinsoul
Image Source : Blockberry Creative

LOONA’s Jinsoul coloured her hair to whitish-blond that gave her a very striking western profile. K-Pop fans often mistake her as a mix of many ethnicities, but Jinsoul is 100% Korean!

  1. HIGHLIGHT Dongwoon
Image Source : ELLE Magazine.

Many people think Dongwoon is a foreigner with European genes when they see him.

  1. Gummy
Image Source : K WAVE

Gummy is often mistaken as a foreigner by netizens saying she’s half American or half European! Her beautifully carved nose and large eyes give her a different look than any other idol!