BTS Appeared In KTLA Morning News

This time, BTS was seen attending the American morning news show.

On (16/11), BTS attended KTLA 5 Morning News which is a morning news show in Los Angeles, USA. Before appearing, Sam as the presenter of the event shared the news via Twitter. Sam tweeted, “It’s the first time seeing such a group. The world will be watching our show this time” and hope to meet BTS soon.

Image Source : KTLA

BTS conducted a short interview, “We performed a total of 5 practice times before the American Music Awards acraa. Since this is the first time, we are invited to this event so that you will show the stage performance as best as possible, “BTS confidence. RM continued, “We feel very nervous but we are looking forward to it,” he added.

When asked about the appearance after five years, “We feel better with the current look. We dream of being here for 5 years”, he replied. Jimin said, “I always look forward to meeting the fans. I love you Army (fan club)” showing the heart pose.

Image Source : KTLA

After the interview, BTS danced together with the host. They were seen moving on the stage. Behind the scenes of the show they said, “We cannot wait for the American Music Awards. We want to see Selena Gomez. We also want to meet Christina Aguilera” showing their enthusiasm.

The MCs said, “They lead the trend. If you meet with BTS you better pay attention to their appearance, looking good with oversize pants or skinny ones” he said talking about fashion. He also added, “They are good friends. When not in front of the camera they are very friendly and we took pictures together”, the MC added.