Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol and Song Ok Sook Take Part In ‘Love Returns’ Rating

Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol continues to occupy the hearts of housewives. Lee Sungyeol plays the male lead in the drama ‘Love Returns’, a new weekend drama. Lee Sungyeol, who plays the main character in the drama which has the best airing time is loved by female audience and burdened with many things.

In addition, there are other stars that catch the eye of the audience along with Lee Sungyeol. Song Ok Sook, the actress who has played the role of a rich woman in recent years is also the main character. In this drama she changed from a rich woman to a strong mother.

Does the drama receive good rating thanks to Song Ok Sook as the rating mascot? Starting from the premiere of ‘Love Returns’, it has received 18.5% of the audience rating! Let’s continue to support the drama.