Korean Celebrities’ Investment Stories

Most big Korean stars invest heavily in real estate, but not everything works out seamlessly.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun was reported to have bought a building in Gangnam last April. Jun Ji Hyun bought a five-story building in Nonhyeon-dong area and a three-story building in Icheon-dong area. The two buildings are totaled up to 20 billion won. In addition, Jun Ji Hyun also bought a building worth 30 billion won in Gangnam area, proving her expertise in real estate.

Image source: K STAR

Seo Jang Hoon is also famous as a celebrity who is an expert in real estate investment. Seo Jang Hoon owns a five-story building in Yangje-dong area with a profit of 17 billion won. In 2005, Ha Ji Won invested in buying a building located in Gangnam at a price of 3.4 billion won. Ha Ji Won bought a building in Seocho-dong, Gangnam, which costs 3.4 billion won back in 2005, then sold the building up to 5.1 billion won five years ago. The real estate sale price has increased up to 1.7 billion won in only 7 years.

Meanwhile, celebrities who experience success in the real estate investment field are married couple Rain-Kim Tae Hee, Kwon Sang Woo – Son Tae Young, and Cha In Pyo – Shin Ae Ra. Jang Geun Suk and many more celebrities are also successful in real estate investment.

Image source: K STAR

However, Ryu Si Won’s building which is located in the Gangnam area has been raising public’s attention because the profit earned from the sale of the building is not worth the investment. In 2008, Ryu Si Won invested 5 billion won and spent an additional 1.9 billion won to convert it into a new building.

In addition to real estate, stock investment is also popular among celebrities. Sadly, Celebrity Jo Young Gu has suffered a loss of stock investment of up to 1.3 billion won. Shin Dong Yup also claimed to have failed to open a business and stock investment.

Image source: K STAR

Even so, not long ago, it was rumored that small buildings could produce a more secure profit, therefore, not only common people, many celebrities are also interested in investing in small buildings. In 2006, BoA bought a building for about 1.5 billion won and now the price of the building has risen to approximately 2.5-3 billion won.Former member of KARA, Goo Ha Ra, bought a building worth 1.1 billion won in 2012, and now has profited up to 300 million won. The building was sold for 2.8 billion won this May. In 2004, KARA’s member Han Seung Yeon also bought a building in Cheondam-dong area, which is estimated to cost about 7 billion won, with a profit of around 2.5 billion won.Last year, Suzy bought a building worth 3.7 billion won in Samseong-dong area. In 2014, Busker Busker’s Jang Bum Joon and his mother bought a 2 billion-won housing estate, which price rises every year. The real investment was 800 million won. Currently, the building is worth 2.2 billion won.

Many celebrities are successful in their investment, however, many of them also failed a lot of times. We will continue to support the celebrities’ careful selection of investments!