Song Yoon Ah and Choi Ji Woo’s 20-Year Friendship

Song Yoon Ah reveals her friendship with Choi Ji Woo.

On 19th, Song Yoon Ah became a hot topic after releasing a lovely photo with Choi Ji Woo on Instagram.

Image Source: Instagram

Song Yoon Ah shared an update, “20 years of sisterhood, friends, ever-changing beauty” showing affection with Choi Ji Woo and she said, “Looking back at last photo during the noon at weekend that should have been spent sleeping.”

In the released photo, Song Yoon Ah and Choi Ji Woo are beautifully exuded their charm in a comfortable outfit and a face without makeup. Both show the beauty of friendship with similar pose. In another photo, Choi Ji Woo is fascinating for showing the charm of a young girl with the V-poses.

Meanwhile, Song Yoon Ah is currently filming the movie ‘Stone’ and Choi Ji Woo considers to star in Park Mi Kyung’s latest work ‘Miracle we Met’.