7 Korean Celebrities Who Were Classmates At School

1.Hyeri Girls’ Day dan Suzy Miss A

Image Source: Facebook

In 2013, a high school photo of Miss A’s Suzy and Girls Day’s Hyeri appeared on an online community board, and it became a topic of conversation online. In the photo, Suzy and Hyeri both wear the same uniform from Seoul School of Performing Arts. Fans were surprised that they are friends for a long time. Especially, the beauty and friendship attract the attention of many netizens.

2.Mark NCT, Arin Oh My Girl, Mina Gugudan

Image Source: Instiz

CT Mark, Oh My Girl Arin, and Gugudan Mina were in the same class in their second year at School School of Performing Arts. In the photo, NCT Mark is at the top left while Gugudan Mina is in the right bottom row next to Oh My Girl Arin.

3.Seventeen DK dan GFriend Yuzu

Image Source: Twitter

Several idols who graduated from high school include Seventeen’s DK and GFriend’s Yuju on February 4, 2016, at that time they only were known to be classmates and friends at the School of Performing Arts in Seoul.