Who Designs The Green Knitted Sweater Worn by Jung So Min and Sooyoung?

Jung So Min and Sooyoung SNSD have fallen in love with the green clothing trend. This year, a number of leading fashion brands have released various items in green, Jung So Min and Sooyoung have lured female viewers in green as their style in the drama.

Image Source : tvN

Jung So Min acts as Yoon Ji Ho in the tvN drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’. Since the first episode, she has been a lot of attention for female viewers because of fashion that displays her charm. Although Jung So Min only uses hoodie, jeans, and blouse that looks comfortable, but his appearance remains charming.

In the first episode, Jung So Min wore a green knitted sweater with letter detail and combined matching with a box motif shirt, completing a casual look. Green knitted dress adds sporty impression and maximize its appearance.

Image Source : MBC

Sooyoung who has a sense of in the airport fashion and daily appearance also appeared fashionista with a green color in MBC weekend drama ‘Man in the Kitchen’. Sooyoung is the female lead in ‘Man in the Kitchen’. In episode 11, the stylenya that uses a green knitted sweater with many letter details gets praise. He added a skirt with a beige brown color and looks plain in the midst of autumn shades.

Jung So Min and Sooyoung use green knits with letter details that are known to come from the ‘SANDRO’ brand that is used as a everyday style. Knitted green with the detail of this letter seems to be a new trend.

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