‘Two Cops’ Episode 5 and 6, Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho’s Comedic Bromance

Bromance and comedy of Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho ‘Two Cops’ have begun. In 49 days, the two must have a relationship and settle the case. That way Kim Sun Ho can return to his original body. In the process, it is expected bromance and comedy scenes.

On the 4th, in Monday-Tuesday’s drama MBC ‘Two Cops’ episodes 5 and 6 depict Jo Jung Suk (Cha Dong Tak) who reunited with Jo Hang Joon’s killer. The killer came to the police station with a knife to kill Jo Jung Suk. Kim Sun Ho’s soul (Go Soo Chang) saw this incident and tried to save Jo Jung Suk.

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It is unfortunate he let go of the culprit. But something strange. The CCTV inside the police station was dead at the time. During the pursuit of the perpetrator, Jo Jung Suk faced the motor crowd, he and Kim Sun Ho suddenly jumped into the river. He felt a target and was threatened by someone.

After that, he began to find out about traffic accidents that occurred on the same route. Ji Hang Joon who chased them was killed as a target.

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In the process, Jo Jung Suk and Kim Sun Ho reunited dramatically. Currently, Kim Sun Ho is still a ghost. He is not seen in Jo Jung Suk’s eyes but his voice can be heard. Jo Jung Suk’s unbelieving look at Kim Sun Ho’s voice looks funny and invites laughter.

But he believes after hearing Kim Sun Ho’s recurring pretenses. Within 49 days, he must find out the relationship Ryu Hye Rin rumored (Miss Bong) that has been described to be able to return to the original situation. Kim Sun Ho is trying to find a clue for Jo Jung Suk.

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He managed to capture a bunch of bikers who threaten Jo Jung Suk. But the real perpetrator was not ther. After failing to capture the perpetrator, Kim Sun Ho asked for more polite help. “I’ll catch the culprit,” said Sun Ho and borrowed his body. He could enter his body for getting permission from Jo Jung Suk.

‘Two Cops’ gives a hint of a comic bromance.

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