3 Korean Variety Shows with The Theme of Traveling

The end of the year is getting closer. Have you guys had a vacation plan yet? This time Cast Ko wants to recommend 3 variety programs that have a theme about traveling.  Let’s see the review.

  1. Youth Over Flowers
Image Source : tvN

In this program, a number of celebrities are taken vacations to distant places which they do not know about. Only provided with makeshift money, they should be able to take advantage of time and supplies with their best. Usually these celebrities spend a holiday for 1 week. They do activities that can be done based on the plan itself or the design of the producer. In the middle of the holiday, they usually receive missions. The point in this show is that the celebrity will not be told where they are on vacation until the day of departure. In addition, we can some of the rising young stars, vacation together.

  1. Battle Trip
Image Source : KBS

The show puts two celebrities in different sights. After returning from vacation, the two groups were invited to retell their journey. Of course they will compare which holiday is most appealing to the viewers. By watching this variety show, the audience can feel what the celebrity felt when going on the holidays.

  1. 2 Days 1 Night
Image Source : KBS

Well maybe this is one of the most popular shows. 2 Days 1 Night is already famous and is considered to have a formula that fits in the eyes of the audience. This show invites the audience to enjoy a beautiful panorama of Korea and know the information about history. The members will also play a variety of games to get comfort during the holidays, as losers have to shop or sleep in a tent. Uniquely, celebrities stay together for 2 days and one night. They will do the usual activities like cooking and others.