Kim Yoo Jung to Hold A Fan Meeting in Japan

Tickets fir Kim Yoo Jung’s fan meeting in Japan sold out 800 seats, radiating the charm of Korean Wave Fairy. Kim Yoo Jung has successfully held fan meetings in Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea. This time the Japanese fan meeting tickets are sold, and she will start the year of 2018 with fans.

‘KIM YOU JUNG 1ST FAN MEETING IN TOKYO’ held at Yamano Hall, Tokyo on February 18, 2018 has sold out. Her popularity as a Korean Wave Fairy is no doubt. Not only that, great fan interest and additional ticket requests are in the process, apparently Japanese fans are excited to meet this teen artist.

Image Source : SINGLES

KBS drama ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’ starring Kim Yoo Jung will be aired on Japanese channels like TV Tokyo, KNTV, and CS. She is loved as the only female student in the Joseon era with her cute charm.

The agency said, “It’s good that fan meetings in Taiwan, Singapore and Korea can go well this year. Kim Yoo Jung is also surprised and happy with the response given by the Japanese fans. Please look forward to a warm winter meeting with Kim Yoo Jung.”