‘I’m Not a Robot’ Episodes 11 and 12, Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s First Kiss Under the Rain

In episodes 11 and 12 of Wednesday-Thursday drama MBC ‘I’m Not a Robot’ on December 21st, described Jo Ji A (Chae Soo Bin) kissing Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho).

Image Source : MBC

In this episode, Hong Baek Gyun said that he will sign a contract with a new investor, and Kim Min Kyu told him about the symptoms of human allergy he suffered. Hong Baek Gyun left the Aji 3 robot to Jo Ji A. To the end, Kim Min Kyu is unaware if Jo Ji A is a human being. In the end, Hong Baek Gyun went on a contract with Kim Min Kyu and took the risk and asked Jo Ji A to be asked to return to Aji 3.

Kim Min Kyu prepared to date Ri El. Kim Min Kyu, “I want to kiss. With Ri El. I have to go on a date with Ri El three times. She wants to kiss on her last date. The problem is the kiss. I can prepare a date, but I do not know when to kiss. I have to win Ri El’s heart. This is the first time I’ve kissed,” showing his anxiety.

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Jo Ji A called her friend Sun Hye (Lee Min Ji) to Kim Min Kyu’s house, and Sun Hye advised her on love and skinship issues. In the process, Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji A pretended to be dating couples.

Since then, Jo Ji A and Hong Baek Gyun have followed Kim Min Kyu and Ri El when dating. Jo Ji A expressed her sadness at seeing Kim Min Kyu and Ri El dating. Hong Baek Gyun checked the feelings between Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji A.

Kim Min Kyu also carried an umbrella when it was raining. Ri El left Kim Min Gyu earlier than thought and it rained heavily. Kim Min Kyu shadow Jo Ji A, “This is my favorite umbrella. I know the glory,” he said.

Image Source : MBC

The umbrella used by Kim Min Kyu is an umbrella created by Jo Ji A in the past. Kim Min Kyu who did not know that, “Can not we see the rain falling with this umbrella? I felt my heart be relieved. How do you think about this? Is not this a genius? Umbrellas are made man,” he said that made Jo Ji A’s heart flattered.

Kim Min Gyu hugged Jo Ji A as she collided with the passersby. Jo Ji A kissed Kim Min Kyu while saying, “This is a moment to kiss.”

In the future, Kim Min Gyu will know Jo Jia’s identity and will continue to develop the tension of the drama story.