Suzy’s reactions after receiving hijab gift from her Muslim fan became a hot topic online

JYP Entertainment’s Actress and Singer Bae Suzy’s reactions after she received Hijab as a gift from her Muslim fan has become a hot topic in online community.

An online post with title “Suzy received a hijab gift from her international fans’ popped up in online community on 9th February 2018. The writer also put a few gif images where Suzy met her Muslim fans. She looked surprised yet excited to receive hijab gift from her Muslim fans and she also asked her about how to properly put it on. This reactions of her attracted a lot of attention from her fans even one of them wrote, “I never saw an idol wearing hijab before”

image source: Online Community

In the pictures, Suzy received the hijab gift with a lot of excitement on her face as she let her fan put the hijab on her. There are people who commented that the Hijab will dishevels her hair but seeing her smiling happily after receiving the gift, the fans just let her be.

Hijab is a scarf that Muslim Women wear to cover their head except their face.

Suzy who stood up and looking happy attracted a lot of netizen’s comment such as “Her eyes don’t lie. She’s so pure” and “Even she looks flawless when wearing hijab”

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