‘Radio Romance’ Yoon Doo Joon x Kim So Hyun, Kissed with eyes closed “heart-throbbing ending’

Radio Romance Yoon Doo Joon once again entertain us on the screen.

Yoon Doo Joon played a role of top star Ji Soo Ho who showed a fairy-tale like romance story in KBS drama ‘Radio Romance’.

After his first live broadcast, Ji Soo Ho got into an intense argument with Lee Kang (Yoon Park) because he purposely didn’t tell Ji Soo Ho that the broadcast was a live broadcast. Ji Soo Ho who went into trouble with knowing the truth got into an argument with his listener and ended up getting himself criticized by everyone.

Ji Soo Ho who was upset and angry told Lee Kang that “I signed this contract under a condition. I can quit whenever I want so don’t make me.” He said, finally adding tension in between him and Lee Kang.

image source: KBS

In the 6th episode, Ji Soo Ho spent the whole night together with Geu Rim in the studio room and he finally confessed, asking her “I’m curious about you”. They also got trapped in a rural area because the snow are piling and causing incident so they couldn’t go back. They ended up successfully doing the emergency broadcast in a rural area.

After they successfully doing emergency broadcast, Geu Rim Smiled in satisfaction and hugged Ji Soo Ho, and then Ji Soo Ho asked her, “Don’t you remember me?” and then he covered her eyes with his hands and kissed her that made the viewers melt into their actions.

Meanwhile ‘Radio Romance’ that air every 10pm told a story about top star Ji Soo Ho who couldn’t live without script and an amateur writer Song Geu Rim.

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