Still getting to know each other” Oh Yeon Seo Kim Bum, the birth of couple with 2 years age gap

A couple with two years age gap has born and that is none other than Kim Bum and actress Oh Yeon Seo.

The agency of Oh Yeon Seo Celltrion Entertainment and the agency of Kim bum, King Kong by Starship stated that “it is true that Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum are currently dating”.

Both officials also stated, “they met and became really close since the end of the ‘A Korean Odyssey’ drama and on the early of march, they finally admitted that they have good feelings for each other”.

Some media source recently reported that early this year the two of them met in some occasion through their acquaintances and in the early of march the two decided to become lover after having good feelings for each other. According to the report, the two of them often enjoying their date in the restaurant in Cheongdam-dong.

This is the birth of a celebrity couple with two years age gap in the entertainment industry. Oh Yeon Seo was born on 1987 and Kim bum was born on 1989, the two are currently active in the entertainment industry.

image source: 1st look

Meanwhile Oh Yeon Seo made her debut through her girl group LUV with the first album ‘Story Orange Girl’ on 2002 and debuted as an actress through tv drama ‘Sharp’, ‘King Sejong’, ‘Dong Yi’, ‘Baby faced beauty’ and others. Since then, she gained a lot of popularity through her tv drama since 2012 such as ‘My Husband got a family’, ‘Jang Bo Ri is here’, ‘Shine or Crazy’, ‘Comeback ahjussi’, and ‘My Sassy Girl’. Recently she greeted the viewers through her newest film ‘Cheese in the trap.

image source: 10Asia

Kim Bum became popular through his debut in sitcom ‘High Kick’. He also appeared in drama ‘Boys Over Flower’, ‘Dream’, ‘Jung Yi, the goddess of fire’, and ‘Mrs. Cop 2’. He also appeared in a few movies including ‘Detective K: Secret of the bloodsucking demon’.