[RANK AND TALK] 5 Artists Who Surprisingly Set The World Record

Apparently some artists not only take part in the entertainment world but also has amazing achievements. Some artists made it into the world record. Who are they?

1. EXO dan Bigbang

Image Source: Instagram, Youtube

EXO and Bigbang simultaneously entered the Guinness Book World Record. They have won the Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) several times. The two group won the daesang trophy 5 times which attracted attention because MAMA is a prestigious music awards event in Asia.

2. Lee Hyo Ri

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Lee Hyo Ri set a world record as an artist with the most number of appearances on the front page of the newsletter. By appearing on the front page of the periodical newspaper as much as 891 times, she made it into the Guinness Book World Record. This number is not surprising considering she is very popular with her songs in 2003 at that time.


Image Source: SM Entertainment

TVXQ became the group most photoshoot around 2009. Seen from all their activities, most of them were coming from doing a photoshoot. Approximately in a year they did as many as 500 times photoshoot.

4. Kang Ho Dong

Image Source: KBS

Kang Ho Dong who is the MC of ‘2 Days 1 Night’ made it into the Guinness Book World Record. He managed to do the handshake with the longest time of 6 hours 43 minutes shaking hands with approximately 28,000 people. The time and the number of people are fantastic and scary at the same time.

Which of these five artists surprised you most about their record?