‘The Spy Gone North’ VS ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade’ VS ‘Along with the Gods: the Last 49 Days’, the tight competition in this summer

PD Yoon Jong Bi ‘The Spy Gone North, PD Kim Ji Woon ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade’ dan PD Kim Yong Hwa ‘Along with the Gods’ were invited to the 7th Cannes Movie Festival 2018.

First, ‘The Spy Gone North’ told a story of a spy from the national security agent that use the code etic Black Geumsung with the set of 1990 which was given order to reveal the secret deal between the high-rank officials between the two Koreas.

image source: CJ Entertainment

The story of a spy along with the set of 1990s which is very unique and intense. PD Yoon Jong Bin who is known for his directing skill along with the combination of great actors are expected to make this film become the attention stealer in between the viewers.

image source: Warner Bros

PD Kim Ji Won and his new movie entitled ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade’ told a story of a agent of special police organization in the year of 2029 that will face off against the terror of some unknown group that against the five years plan of Korean Reunification.

image source: Lotte Entertainment

Last but not least is the movie ‘Along with the Gods: the Last 49 Days’ which is the sequel of its first successful movie that is set to air this summer. ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’ will tell a story of a man who is a reincarnation of a god. PD Kim Yong Hwa has gained a lot of viewers love and attention through the first chapter of this movie ‘Along with the Gods’.