‘Why Secretary Kim’ Park Seo Joon, trapped inside Park Min Young’s closet ‘What an embarrassment’

Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) and Lee Young Joon( Park Seo Joon) was seen arguing in the 9th inning of tvN drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’.

Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So was slightly fought since their work and title as the vice chairman and the secretary. Lee Young Joon finally went to Kim Mi So’s house to apologize while he bring along with him her favorite food.

“Thank you for coming.” Said Kim Mi So as she smiled, “I missed you. I am sorry if I make you feel sad earlier” she said.

image source: tvN

Later then Lee Young Joon said, “I don’t like the way you call me. From now on call me Oppa. Mi So, call me Oppa” he asked. Kim Mi So then later tried so hard to come up with the word oppa but then she gave up and said “Let’s not do it today, maybe later”.

Then Kim Mi So hurriedly pushed Lee Young Joon into her closet when her sisters visited her. Lee Young Joon at first refused and said that “I am Lee Young Joon, the vice chairman of a big group company!” then Kim Mi So told him, “Now you are my boyfriend. Be quiet and close the door” she said as she closed the door while Lee Young Joon was sitting in her closet, dumbfounded.

image source: tvN

Lee Young Joon who overheard Kim Mi So’s sister words about him felt upset and said, “How can you tell them that? You didn’t tell them all the blockbuster things I did for you” he said, feeling angry at her sister’s words where she said “You only eat Ramen? You said he is really selfish. If I were him I’d bring you ribs instead of pig skins and pupa”.

image source: tvN

Kim Mi So then told him, “I Understand that you’re angry” then later Lee Young Joon said, “Let’s stop it. What if we fight again? I wish this doesn’t happen again and I can’t be angry anymore at you because you’re so beautiful”.

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