Kim Woo Bin, Loyal even during the battle against the disease… Sent a coffee truck present for Do Kyung Soo

Actor Kim Woo Bin cheers for Do Kyung Soo and Jung Soo Kyo by sending them a coffee truck gift.

A brand of a coffee truck stated through their official Instagram in 27th of July that Kim Woo Bin has giving a coffee truck present to show his support for Do Kyung Soo and Jung Soo Kyo who is currently filming.

image source: Coffemrkim Instagram

Even though Kim woo Bin is currently fighting against his disease, he is still a loyal man and shows his warm friendship with his same agency friend Jung Soo Kyo and also his best friend Do Kyung Soo.

image source: Coffemrkim Instagram

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin has stopped all of his activities and currently concentrating in his treatment after he was diagnosed with cancer in May last year.

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