‘Wife that I Know’ topped the rating since its first broadcast and beat the other dramas

The newest drama of tvN ‘Wife that I Know’ has beat another dramas that air in the same time with its first episode that aired in the 1st of August and it is successfully topped the viewers rating. According to TNMS Media, a company which survey the drama rating viewers last Wednesday stated that the viewers rating of ‘Wife that I Know’ has recorded a total 6.5% ratings.

image source: tvN

This record is indeed higher than the viewers rating of SBS drama ‘Dear Judge’ that aired at the same time with rating 5.0% and 5.1%. the other drama is MBC ‘Time’ which recorded the viewers rating 3.5% for its fifth episode and 4.1% for its sixth which is slightly lower than ‘Wife that I know’. The KBS drama ‘Your House Helper’ also recorded 3.0% and 3.5% viewers rating for its 17th and 18th inning.

image source: SBS, MBC, KBS

tvN drama ‘Wife that I Know’ is a drama that recently aired to replace the previously drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’ which just ended in 26th of July. Although the record is still far cry from the latest record of ‘Why Secretary Kim’ which scored 10.1%, its first episode beat the first episode of ‘Why secretary Kim’ which record 6.3% viewers rating in 6th of June.