Yoo Ji Tae x Lee Yo Won, starred in ‘Lee Mong’ will air in MBC early May 2019

‘Lee Mong’ is a drama which was made for the 100th years anniversary of the establishment of the Korean provisional government and this drama will air in MBC in early may 2019. It is expected that this drama will be one of the long awaited drama that air in the early of 2019 along with the main leads such as Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yo Won.

image source: BH Entertainment

Drama ‘Lee Mong’ tells a love story that set in the provisional Korea in Manchuria and Shanghai in China during the Japanese occupation. Lee Young Jin is the Korean surgeon who was brought by Japanese as she’ll met Kim Won Bong who will fight for the independence of Korea as he became a spy.

image source: Management Koo

The Meeting between PD Yoon Sang Ho and the writer Jo Kyun Won who wrote ‘Iris’ and ‘Iris 2’ was already being anticipated. Yoo Ji Tae is expected to make the drama ‘Lee Mong become a drama with amazing quality and can be trusted by the production, dramas and also the acting quality.