5 Saddest Breakup Scenes in Korean Drama

Sometimes a situation in which a couple has to break up because is presented in the drama. The scenes make audience cry thanks to the love story of two characters who must be separated. No doubt that these scenes will later be crowned as the saddest scene. Here’s the saddest breakup scene in the drama.

1. Goblin (Grim Reaper and Sunny)

Image Source: tvN

The Grim Reaper and Sunny are interested in each other and secretly admire each other since their first meeting. But the dream to live together was destroyed instantly after knowing the original identity of each other in the past. Sunny thinks Wang Yeo does not deserve her love after the betrayal he did hundreds of years ago. She decided to stay away from the angel of death, Wang Yeo.

2. 49 Days (Song Yi Kyung and Song Yi Soo)

Image Source: SBS

Song Yi Kyung and Song Yi Soo are lovers, but unfortunately they have to separate after Song Yi Soo is declared dead in an accident. Song Yi Soo who feels she still has something to say to Song Yi Kyung, promises to run a 5-year stint as an angel of death. After 5 years they meet, their meeting cannot be long because Song Yi Soo still have to go back to nature. It’s the saddest thing when Song Yi Soo tells Song Yi Kyung to stay alive and forget about her while throwing away the ring he gave her.

3. Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Wang So and Hae Soo)

Image Source: SBS

When the state of the kingdom grew tense and hurt her, Hae Soo decided to leave the kingdom. Wang So’s heart was devastated by her departure. He intended to marry Hae Soo no matter what the circumstances. This separation is a very heart-wrenching scene for viewers.

4. Seven Days Queen (Shin Chae Gyung and Lee Yeok)

Image Source: KBS

Unlike the other couples, the breakup of these two lovebirds is based on mutual decisions. They sacrifice their love for the sake of each other’s safety. If they are related then the danger will wait and therefore both say if one of them is alive then during that time they will feel loved.

5. The Legend of the Blue Sea (Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae)

Image Source: SBS

To cure his illness, Shim Chung had to go down a distant ocean. That’s why he decided to forget Heo Joon Jae. He gave the last kiss to make Heo Joon Jae forget their story. The scene is so touching considering they have gone through so much things together.