The Last Episode of “Moon Lovers” Reaches 11.3% in Ratings, Which is its Highest Ever

According to Nielsen Korea on November 2nd, the last episode of SBS Monday/ Tueday drama “Moon Lovers”, which was broadcasted on November 11th, reached 11.3% in ratings, which is the drama’s highest ever rating.

Image source: KBS2

Although “Moon Lovers” was often ranked in the third place among the Monday/ Tuesday dramas, the final episode of the drama reached first place in ratings.

KBS 2TV “Man Living at My House”, which was broadcasted at the same time, reached 8.5%. Meanwhile, MBC “Woman with a Suitcase”, which was delayed in broadcast due to the broadcast of the Korean Series, rated 8.1%, being placed in the last place among the Monday/ Tuesday dramas.

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