Learning Korean from “Memorable Dialog” Drama ‘Goblin’ (Part. 8)

Korean Dialog: 핸드폰 걸고 받고 약속하고 만날 생각은 없니? 문명인답게? 미래를 약속하고 만날 생각은 있는데. 사랑해요! – 도깨비신부, 지은탁 (김고은)

Romanized Dialog: Haendeupon Geolgo Yaksokhago Mannal Saenggakeul Omni? Munmyeongindapge? Miraereul Yaksokhago Mannal Saenggakeun Itneunde. Saranghaeyo! Dokkaebi Sinbu, Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun)

English Dialog: Have you never thought of picking up the phone, accepting it, and then making promises to meet? Like any other cultured people? I’ve thought of meeting you in the future. I love you! Goblin’s Bride, Ji Eun Tak. (Kim Go Eun)

Image source: tvN
Image source: tvN


핸드폰 – Haendeupon – Handphone

걷다 – Geotda – Pick up

받다 – Batda – Accept

약속하다 – Yaksokhada – Promise

만나다 – Mannada – Meeting

생각 – Saenggak – Think

없다 – Opta – Never

있다 – Itta – Ever

문명인 – Munmyeongin – Cultured people

미래 – Mirae – Future

사랑해요 – Saranghaeyo – I love you

도깨비신부 – Dokkaebi Sinbu – Goblin’s Bride

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