‘Do Bong Soon’ Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young’s Quarrel is Liked by Public

JTBC ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ (3/3) showed Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) and Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) who spent a night together.

Image source: JTBC

To protect Ahn Min Hyuk from the blackmailer, Bong Soon stayed in his house for a moment. They shared a deep conversation and Min Hyuk also shared the stories about his childhood, while Bong Soon told him about her love towards In Gook Doo (Ji Soo).

Min Hyuk wanted to tell Gook Doo about Bong Soon’s power, but Bong Soon didn’t want him to know and stomped on his foot. He got injured and needed to use the wheelchair. He also used this chance to order Bong Soon around that brought laughter to the audience.

Image source: JTBC

Meanwhile, a strange accident about a woman who disappeared happened in the last part of the episode. The suspect camouflaged as a driver and wore stocking on his face. When she was about to run away, she hit him with a blunt object.

Image source: JTBC

Bong Soon who happened to be near the place then suddenly stopped, “It seems that I need to use my strength”. The public is eager to see the next episode!

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