Cho Jin Woong Reveals His Difficulty on Doing Action Scenes in ‘Bluebeard’

Actor Cho Jin Woong reveals that he finds it difficult to do action scenes in his newest movie, ‘Bluebeard’. In this movie, he plays as a ‘doctor’.

Image source: K-STAR

Cho Jin Woong said that the most difficult scene is not in the hospital, but in the butcher. However, he compliments the production team for being able to prepare a realistic setting for them. “The action scenes feel so close and real”, said him.

Image source: K-STAR

He collaborates with Kim Dae Myung in this movie. Kim Dae Myung also shows a concern where they need to do the action scenes because he is afraid that his senior will really get hit because of him.

‘Bluebeard’ is scheduled to release on March 1.