SHINee’s Key to Join ‘Lookout’

SHINee’s Key will continue his work as an actor!

On March 8, it is reported that SHINee’s Key will appear in MBC’s newest drama, ‘Lookout’. ‘Lookout’ that will replace ‘Rebel’ in May is an action thriller drama that tells the story of ordinary people who suffered injustices in Korea. Kim Young Kwang and Lee Si Young will be the lead characters in this drama.

Image source: tvN

Key will be playing as a genius hacker named Gong Kyung Soo. Even though he looks timid, Gong Kyung Soo has a very advanced ability to hack. Along with Jo Soo Ji (lee Si Young) he will be actively involved as a member of ‘Lookout’.

Meanwhile, Key has begun his career as an actor through tvN’s ‘Drinking Solo’ that was aired last year. He is able to perform well as an actor and gains compliments for his acting skill.

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