‘Man to Man’ Has Finished Shooting

These days, pre-produced dramas are very popular. One of them is the upcoming drama, ‘Man to Man’, which has recently finished its shooting process after 4 months.

Image source: K-Star

In this drama, Park Hae Jin acts as a bodyguard of a Hallyu Star that is going to be portrayed by Park Sung Woong. The short-haired actress Kim Min Jung also appeared in this drama, and viewers are eager to see her chemistry with Park Hae Jin.

Image source: K-Star

Other than them, actress Chae Jung An and actor Yeon Jeong Hun are also part of the casts. During the interview on the wrap-up party, the casts expressed their feeling upon finishing the drama’s shooting process. They also asked viewers to anticipate ‘Man to Man’ and give it a lot of love.