‘Whisper’: Could Lee Bo Young Save Lee Sang Yoon?

The 3rd episode of ‘Whisper’ showed Kang Jung Il (Kwon Yool) and Choi Soo Yeon (Park Se Young) putting Lee Dong Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) in a crisis.

Image source: SBS

Choi Soo Yeon called Dong Joon to bravely admit the truth about Reporter Kim’s case. “Due to Reporter Kim’s sacrifice, you could get into Taebaek. If I fall, you and your father will fall too. So hold on to me and make sure I do not fall.”

After that, Kang Jung Il found out that the man in the video scandal was Lee Dong Joon, who then caught Young Joo to make sure the video would not spread out. “I will spread it after I get out of here!” said Young Joo angrily.

Image source: SBS

“What do you sell? Your conscience? Your belief? How nice it must be to sell them off at a high price!”, to which Lee Dong Joon said, “Even if I had thrown out my conscience, I could still live. Even if my beliefs had changed, there is still tomorrow. But life is only once. You owe me big time, and you will pay for a long time.”

But then, Lee Dong Joon got betrayed by Choi Soo Yeon. Apparently, Choi Soo Yeon and Kang Jung Il had an affair, and the real culprit behind Reporter Kim’s case was Kang Jung Il. The two of them trapped him as if he was making drug transaction.

At the same time, Shin Young Yoo could escape with Park Hyun Soo’s help. She instantly went to save Lee Dong Joon. Will she succeed?

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