[RANK AND TALK] 3 Idols Who Could be Professional Athletes

Idols are required to have the ability to sing, dance, even act. But not infrequently, an idol has a capability that has not been known to fans. One such ability is their sports skill. Some idols’ sports skill is not inferior to professional athletes. Here are 3 idols that are suitable to become professional athletes!

1. Choi Min Ho

Image Source: SBS

Minho is well known to have great skill in various sports, such as football, futsal, basketball, jumping wicket, to beautiful jump. Born December 9, 1991, Minho loves trying new sports. But, the sport he likes most is football. Since childhood, he has often practiced football. When he was a child, Minho even dreamt of becoming a professional soccer athlete, however, his dream was rejected by his father, a soccer coach in Korea. Now, he has become an idol, not an athlete. Though so, Minho can still show his ability to play football in various Korean TV shows such as ‘Idol Athletic Championship’.

3. Bora

Image Source: SBS

Born on December 30, 1989, Bora has a remarkable athletic ability. Bora is very good at various sports. She is very fast and skilled in archery. No wonder she often wins ‘Idol Athletic Championship’ Bora often win in athletic and archery. In fact, she was dubbed as ‘Goddess of Archers’ for being able to win the archery competition easily.

3. Victoria

Image Source: SBS

Victoria is an idol with incredible flexibility. Born on February 2, 1987, Victoria has learned traditional dance in Beijing since she was a kid. Then, she also took ballet at Beijing Dance Academy. No wonder Victoria has a flexibility that is similar to a professional gymnast, as gymnastics require the ability that Victoria has. In variety shows, Victoria often shows off her flexibility, which could make the audience stunned. Just look at how Victoria does a front split easily!