Sunny Attends Kyu Hyun’s Solo Concert

Member of idol group SNSD, Sunny, gave her support for Super Junior Kyu Hyun!

On April 2, Sunny uploaded a photo of her and Kyu Hyun that was taken after Kyu Hyun’s solo concert.

Image source: Instagram

“Kyu Hyun Oppa was so cool! #SoonKyuHyun (It’s been a long time since I heard Kyu Hyun oppa’s solo ‘Goodbye’ in Blue Square, the place where we played in musical drama ‘Catch Me If You Can’, in which he played as Frank… Though he’s a ballad singer, Kyu could gave an extraordinary performance on stage~ So cool!”

Sunny could be seen holding Kyu Hyun’s blue lighsticks in the photo.

Kyu Hyun himself has just wrapped up his solo concert, ‘An Author’s Tale Epilogue’ di Samsung Card Hall, Blue Square, Seoul on April 1-2.

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