Ha Ji Won Comes Back After 2 Years Through MBC ‘Hospital Ship’

Actress Ha Ji Won will go back to the drama industry after 2 years.

Ha Ji Won will make a comeback through MBC’s newest Wednesday to Thursday drama, ‘Hospital Ship’ as the main character. Her last appearance was in ‘The Time We Were Not In Love’.

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Ha Ji Won’s agency further revealed that there is a title in which she is considering at the moment.

‘Hospital Ship’ tells the story of a ship which travels from one small island to another small island to do a medical examination. ‘Hospital Ship’ is a drama which has a new charm. This drama is focused on the young doctors who raised sympathy and empathy toward other people.

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Ha Ji Won will play as a surgeon named Song Eun Jae. To erase the people’s perception of her complicated life, she joins the ship hospital. Ha Ji Won’s acting in this drama is being anticipated by the fans.

The drama will start airing in August.

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