‘Defendant’ Casts Post-Drama Activity

On March 22, the last episode of ‘Defendant’ scored their best rating, 28,3%. The last episode also showed Ji Sung who became a prosecutor again and Uhm Ki Joon who got a death sentence.

Image source: K-Star

At night, all of the crews gathered together to celebrate the end of the drama in a restaurant in Yeoido area. A day after the gathering, on March 22, the ‘Defendant’ team went to Okinawa as a part of their holiday. After Uhm Hyun Kyung, there was Oh Chang Suk who came with his fashion airport. “Thank you very much for supporting ‘Defendant’. Please pray for us to arrive safely”, said Oh Chang Suk.

Image source: K-Star

Then, Kim Min Suk came wearing glasses and revealed his nervousness on this trip. “This is the first time for me to get a holiday as a gift because my drama is doing great”, said him. Hallyu star who often visited the airport, Yu Ri, was also seen coming with them. The appearance of Ji Sung on this trip could be seen on Jo Jae Yoon’s SNS posts.

‘Defendant’ will be replaced by ‘Whisper’ which is starring Ji Sung’s wife, Lee Bo Young.