4 Most Memorable Korean Dramas

1. Descendants of the Sun

Image Source: KBS

Starring Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Won, this drama was the most popular drama both in Korea and internationally. Descendants of The Sun is a KBS drama produced in 2015 and aired in 2016. Descendants of The Sun presents a story with an interesting plot, as well as a beautiful filming location, no wonder the drama earned 35.3% rating. Until now, Descendants of The Sun drama is still often discussed by fans, even more since the news of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s upcoming wedding was released.

2. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Image Source: tvN

Better known as ‘Goblin’, this drama was aired in 2016 by tvN. Just like Descendants of The Sun, this drama is the result of scriptwriter Kim Eun Suk’s cooperation with director Lee Eun Bok. Starring Gong Yoo, Kim Goes Eun, Lee Dong Wook, and Yoo In Na, this drama managed to attract the attention of the audience with an interesting story and the beautiful visuals of the casts. Although it was aired by a cable TV channel, Goblin was able to achieve an 18.6% rating.

3. Reply 1988

Image Source: tvN

This 2015 drama is starring Lee Hye Ri, Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Po, Ryu Jun Yol, and Lee Dong Hwi. Reply 1988 was greatly favored by the audience because of the interesting plot. Reply 1988 did not only present romance but also family stories, sad stories and some scenes that could make the audience laugh out loud. With a total of 20 episodes, Reply 1988 achieved an 18.8% rating on the last episode.

4. Doctors

Image Source: SBS

Starring Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyung Sang, this medical drama received much love from the audience. On the first day of airing, Doctors already achieved a rating of 12.9%. Doctors tells of a high school student named Yoo Hye Jung whose personality changed ever since meeting a teacher named Hong Ji Hong. Thirteen years later, Yoo Hye Jung managed to become a doctor and suddenly met the teacher again. Doctors’s highest rating was 21.3% for episode 15.