‘Chicago Typewriter’: Im Soo Jung Stopped being Yoo Ah In’s Fans after Getting Accused

In the second episode of ‘Chicago Typewriter’ (8/4), a journalist revealed Han Se Joo’s (Yoo Ah In) deceit.

The journalist had been writing a letter to Han Se Joo everyday, and Han Se Joo created a novel based on those letters. The journalist then turned the table by accusing Se Joo of plagiarism.

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After the issue spread out to public, the press got confused. There was only one person who knew the truth behind Han Se Joo’s letters. That person was Jeon Seol (Im Soo Jung).

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Angrily, Se Joo asked Jeon Seol, “Are you the one who gave the information to the press?!”. Confused, Jeon Seol asked him back, “What kind of information do you mean?” Se Joo replied her with, “That day, when I talked to the one behind those letters, there was only us and you. It’s impossible for him to be the one who had leaked the information, and I also did not say anything to anyone. The culprit must be you!”

At that, Jeon Seol got angry. “I did not do it. Why did I even need to do such thing, anyway? I’m just a fan who have saved your life, but you seem to be the one who does not know how to say thank you!”

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Jeon Seol also pushed Se Joo until he fell in the floor. “I wish I did not help you back then. I will never help you again!”

After the incident, Jeon Seol told her friends that she had stopped being Han Se Joo’s fan after 10 years.

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