Is Cha Seung Won Teaming Up with ‘The Greatest Love’ Team Again in a New Drama?

While reports about actor Cha Seung Won teaming up with Hong Ja Mae again for a new project, a representative of MBC’s ‘The Greatest Love’ production team had met the two of them in YG Building. YG Entertainment is Cha Seung Won’s agency. The representative turned out to be PD Park Hong Gyoon.

According to a source, a month ago, Cha Seung Won, Hong Ja Mae, and Park Hong Gyoon had a meeting in YG Building’s cafetaria.

Image Source : HEREN

Hong Ja Mae and Park Hong Gyoon are the two people behind Cha Seung Won’s latest hit drama, ‘The Greatest Love’, which was aired in 2011. After starring in that drama, Cha Seung Won has not made any successful project yet. Same thing could be said for PD Park. Therefore, the three people decided to had a meeting together.

Previously, during his fan meeting on April 22 in Tokyo, Japan, Cha Seung Won revealed that he has been working on a new drama with Hong Ja Mae since October. The drama is going to be a romantic-comedy.

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