BTOB’s Photoshoot for ‘THE STAR’ and Yook Sung Jae’s Desire to Try An Antagonist Character

BTOB shows their charm in a recent photo shoot.

Image source: THE STAR

In this ‘THE STAR’ photo shoot, BTOB presents a different atmosphere through handsome and chic expressions. Plus, their shirts and jackets are also attracting more attention.

Image source: THE STAR

In the interview session, BTOB members are answering the questions about their recent activities. “We are active in Japan and we also have individual schedules. Even though the promotion for our album has ended, our schedule is still quite packed. But we are still enjoying it”, said them.

Image source: THE STAR

Then Yook Sung Jae is asked about what kind of character does he want to try in the future after appearing in ‘Goblin’. Yook Sung Jae replied, “I want to try a different character like being an antagonist”. Then he answered the question of the difference between him now and when he just debuted, “My mind seems to be getting better. Earlier when I had a problem, I thought more of it alone. I feel uncomfortable when other people know that I’m in trouble, but now I’m seeing people so often I share my thoughts with them. I think I’ve changed to be more positive”, said him.

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