How do Married Celebrities Take Care of Their Skin?

Though they are already married, these three actresses still maintain their beautiful and dazzling look. Making sure their skin appears young and fresh is important since they are older than their husbands. Let’s check out how Kim Tae Hee, Park Ha Sun, and Goo Hye Sun take care of their skin!

Image source: InStyle

Kim Tae Hee

After dating for 5 years, Kim Tae Hee finally got married to Rain, who’s 2 years younger than him.

Though her skin looks flawless, Kim Tae Hee once admitted that forehead, cheeks, and chin are the most troublesome part of her skin. Therefore, she always wear anti-acne skincare. When she’s at home, Kim Tae Hee let her skin rest by not wearing makeup. When she’s working, in the morning, she will put essence, lotion, eye cream and BB cream, while at night, she will only put lotion, night cream, and eye cream.

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Park Ha Sun

Park Ha Sun’s husband, Ryu Soo Young, is 8 years younger than her.

In a variety show, Park Ha Sun revealed that skincare is important for her to keep her skin looks beautiful. She always choose her facial wash carefully, and she only wears makeup that is suitable for her skin type. In an interview with bnt magazine, Park Ha Sun admitted that she prefer to not wear any make up in her daily life.

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Goo Hye Sun

Actress Goo Hye Sun, who met her husband Ahn Jae Hyun in SBS drama ‘Blood’, finally got married after only a year of dating. Hye Sun, who’s one year older than Jae Hyun, has already turned 30, but she still looks 20-ish.

It turns out that Goo Hye Sun focuses her skincare on whitening and sunscreen treatment, as direct sunlight could make wrinkle appear faster. Goo Hye Sun also often comes to a skincare clinic to make sure that her skin is only treated by professionals.

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