Getting to Know More of ‘Suspicious Patner’ Characters Through Its Relationship Scheme

‘Suspicious Partner’ released a scheme to explain the relationship between its characters ahead of its premiere today.

Image source: SBS

In No Ji Wook’s side, there is his mother Hong Bok Ja, his workmate Bang Gye Jang, and his bestfriend Ji Eun Hyuk. While in Eun Bong Hee’s side, there’s her mother Park Young Soon, her ex-boyfriend Jang Hee Joon, and the girl whom her ex-boyfriend is cheating with, Na Ji Hae.

Image source: SBS

Eun Bong Hee is also revealed to have a complicated relationship with No Ji Wook’s ex-girlfriend, Cha Yoo Jung (Na Ra). It seems like they will fight a lot.

Image source: SBS

‘Suspicious Partner’ also gave brief explanation on the personality of its four main characters. No Ji Wook is described as a successful prosecutor who has ‘tsundere, high spirited, smart, and high sense of justice’, but he has low score in ‘want to be famous’ factor. Meanwhile, Eun Bong Hee is described as someone with ‘positive soul, expert in taekwondo, tough, and betrayed by ex-boyfriend’.

The love story between the genius prosecutor No Ji Wook and law intern Eun Bong Hee will start airing in SBS tonight at 10 PM KST.

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