Celebrity Couples Use Instagram to Give Updates on Their Wedding Preparation

Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee recently surprised public with news about their marriage and also a baby on the way. On May 9, many medias reported Lee Dong Gun’s arrival in Jo Yoon Hee’s radio show. That day, Lee Dong Gun introduced himself as Jo Yoon Hee’s husband and shared some stories of their relationship, which made a lot of people feel envy. After registering their marriage, Jo Yoon Hee posted a picture of her and Lee Dong Gun to her Instagram. Their wedding is set to held after Lee Dong Gun finishes filming ‘Seven Days Queen’.

Image source: K STAR

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo also recently posted pictures of their wedding preparation. Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo, who will have their wedding on June 9, recently went to Austria for their pre-wedding photoshoot. In the photos, he two of them look like happy married couple. Public could see glimpses of the couple’s daily life through their SNS.

Yoon So Yi will also get married to musical actor Jo Sung Yoon on May 21. We could also see bits of their wedding preparation on SNS. There’s a picture of Yoon So Yi wearing a wedding gown with the hashtag #weedingstagram.

Image source: K STAR

Just like Yoon So Yi, Chae Ye Ryun, who recently did a pre-wedding photoshoot in Hawaii, also uploaded some pictures to her Instagram. Starting from a picture of Hawaiian scenery, a selca with Jo Sang Wook, every one of them is accompanied by the hashtag #weddingstagram. Jo Sang Wook and Chae Ye Ryun will have their wedding on May 25.

Congratulations to all celebrity couples who are preparing their wedding, we hope you will always have a happy life!