Actors and Crews of ‘Tunnel’ Will Have a Reward Vacation to Guam

The team of OCN’s weekly drama ‘Tunnel’ will have a reward vacation to Guam.

A source from the drama revealed “We had discussed the plan to have a vacation in Guam. We plan to leave on the 24th. At the moment we’re still confirming actors’ participation.”

Image source: OCN

The ‘Tunnel’ drama team has been planning the vacation since mid-April. On the 14th of yesterday, the drama scored 6% rating increase, earning the highest rating of OCN drama ever. With this achievement, it is then certain that they can have a reward vacation.

In ‘Tunnel’. the main player who originally lived in 1980, hunted the perpetrators of a murder case, when suddenly, the time ‘rolled’ into 2017, connecting the past and the present. The drama will end on the 21st of May.

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