PSY’s Album is Full of Collaboration with Fellow Top Stars

PSY is one of the biggest K-Pop stars that everyone should not miss, as he has successfully achieved things that other Korean stars have not. His music video for ‘Gangnam Style’ has been watched by 28 billion viewers, that’s why a lot of people already cannot wait for Psy’s comeback.

Image source: K STAR

World Star Psy made a comeback with his 8th album after a year and six months. Psy’s new song instantly got all kill in Korean music sharts after it was released by topping 8 music charts. Double title tracks ‘I LUV IT’ and ‘New Face’ are sitting on the first and second positions, proving Psy’s success.

Top stars’ participation in this album has also become everyone’s source of talks. In ‘I LUV IT’ music video, world star Lee Byung Hyun appears. Thanks to Lee Byung Hyun’s dance and lipsync, Psy’s MV has hit 5 million viewers after only 19 hours. Big Bang’s G-Dragon dan Taeyang also participated in this album, as well as Block B Zico, IKON B.I, until Park Jin Young (JYP)

Image source: K STAR

Psy’s album is also full of collaboration with fellow YG stars, including,Lee Sung Kyung and Tablo. A Pink’s Son Na Eun also appeared in his other music video. Psy’s collaboration with many top stars in this album is predicted to yield in huge worldwide success.