5 Actresses In Their 30s Who Still Look Fit and Fresh

Many Korean actresses are now reaching the age of 30 even nearly 40 years old. However, many of those actresses still look healthy and fit even when they have to do activities from morning to night almost every day. Who are they and what is their secret? Here are 5 actresses in their 30s who still look healthy and fit and their beauty secrets.

1. Song Hye Kyo

Image Source: BAZAAR

Song Hye Kyo is not young anymore, but it does not make Song Hye Kyo looks old. As we know Song Hye Kyo’s face from the beginning until now seems almost unchanged! It turns out Song Hye Kyo is diligent to wear flour and carrot mask that is useful as an anti-aging.

2. Shin Min Ah

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Shin Min Ah admits that she often exercises pilates. She is very into this sport and almost every day doing it. In addition, Shin Min Ah also likes drinking water. She said that drinking a lot of water can reduce aging signs such as wrinkles.

3. Ha Ji Won

Image Source: Marie Claire

Unlike the other actresses, Ha Ji Won believes that avoiding stress is one way to avoid aging. She revealed that she always turns on the music on the streets to avoid the stress. In addition, Ha Ji Won is also diligent to drink water with a mixture of lemon and honey. She said people will praise her skin the next she drinks the water.

4. Kim Tae Hee

Image Source: BAZAAR

The beautiful actress who is Rain’s wife turns out to have her own secret why she still looks fresh and fit in her 30s. Kim Tae Hee admits that she always spends an hour to exercise every day. Not only that, Kim Tae Hee always tries to be confident and not to overthink about her appearance. Without being stressed out, Kim Tae Hee stays looking cheerful and looks younger.

5. Han Hyo Joo

Image Source: VOGUE

Han Hyo Joo said that she frequently cleans her face. Within a day, she washes her face countless time. She told that this also can prevent wrinkles on her face.