Park Min Young: From ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to ‘Seven Days Queen’

Actress Park Min Young will return to a colossal drama through KBS2’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Seven Days Queen’ which will be premiered on May 31.

Park Min Young’s first historical drama is KBS2’s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. She acts as Kim Yoon Hee, the girl who must hide as a man. In order to achieve her dream, she entered the Sungkyunkwan school as a man.

Image source: KBS

Park Min Young still looks adorable despite wearing men’s clothes. Thanks to Park Min Young’s extraordinary acting, Kim Yoon Hee’s charm glows brightly.

Now she’s starring in the colossal drama ‘Seven Days Queen’. The public remembers the ‘girl who pretends to be a man’ when thinking of Park Min Young playing in a colossal drama. But this time, she plays as a mature woman so that the drama ‘Seven Days Queen’ is anticipated by the audience.

Image source: KBS

In ‘Seven Days Queen’, Park Min Young plays the female lead character named Shin Chae Gyung, the only Joseon queen who only reigned for 7 days.

Shin Chae Gyung was born as the princess of the greatest royal official who has a great destiny. She is a miserable woman who has a tragic love story. In terms of the story, Shin Chae Gyung is known to have a sad life. Park Min Young’s transformation from being a ‘Boyish girl’ to an ‘elegant Queen’ through ‘Seven Days Queen’ is highly anticipated by the public.

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