[RANK AND TALK] 4 Dramas That Will Air in September 2017

Towards the end of the month, new Korean drama will start airing. With a variety of genres and casts, these are 4 drama that will air in September 2017that you should not miss.

1.Argon (tvN)

Image Source: tvN

One of the dramas on tvN ‘Argon’ will air on September 4, 2017. It tells the story of a broadcasting world starring Kim Joo Hyuk, Chun Woo Hee, and Ji Yoon Ho. The drama is scheduled to air on every Monday-Tuesday and in total it has 8 episodes.

2.Andante (KBS)

Image SourcE: KBS
 Played by the member of EXO, Kai, ‘Andante’ will air on September 10th every Sunday. It tells the story of a high school student named Shi Kyung (Kai) who suddenly moves to the countryside and goes to a mysterious place. ‘Andante’ consists of 16 episodes and will air on KBS.
3.Temperature of Love (SBS)
Image Source: SBS

This Korean drama is adapted from Ha Myung Hee’s famous novel, and the is also the screenwriter of this drama. It talks about 2 people who often communicate in cyberspace and meet in real life. The drama will air on September 18th every Monday and Tuesday, starring Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong.

4.While You Were Sleeping (SBS)

Image Source: SBS

Starring top artists Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ is about a woman who is able to see the crash of her dream and a prosecutor trying to prevent it from happening. The drama is expected to premiere on September 27th every Wednesday and Thursday.

Among the dramas, which one that you’ve been waiting for?