Park Bo Gum and Irene to be the MC of ‘Music Bank in Jakarta’

KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ MC couple, Park Bo Gum and Irene gave their response again. Having a good chemistry, after becoming MC in Singapore, this time Park Bo Gum and Irene will greet the fans in Jakarta.

Image Source: KBS

Irene and Park Bo Gum have a unique chemistry and become a topic of conversation during the show ‘Music Bank’. Park Bo Gum has a charm that is able to gather everyone through ‘Bo Gum Magic’ and Irene as one of the top girl group visual.

Image Source: KBS

With their unique visuals become more popular as siblings and sometimes like a couple. After becoming the MC of ‘Music Bank’, both continue to work as hosts in various locations, Korea and even overseas. In the middle of their busy schedules, both of them will still participate in the ‘Music Bank’ world tour. The 11th World Tour was held in Singapore, what kind of performance will they give in Music Bank in Jakarta?

Image Source: KBS

Music Bank In Jakarta this time will include EXO, B.A.P, G-FRIEND, Astro, and NCT 127. Not only stage shows, K-EXPO will also introduce Korean cultural content, it is the largest cultural fair where there are exhibitions and sales of Korean best products.

Music Bank In Jakarta will be held on September 2nd at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO).

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