‘The Merciless’ Movie Attracts Worldwide Market

The crime action movie ‘The Merciless’ was invited to the 70th Cannes Film Festival Midnight Screening and drew the continuous attention of the overseas sales.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Prior to its release, a 4-minute preview and promotional video began to be sold in the Hong Kong Film Mart. Then in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Australia, India, Taiwan, Philippines, Hongkong, Singapore and 85 other countries the movie ‘The Merciless’ has good sales. It is rumoured that the full-scale sales were launched in Cannes.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Through Cannes Film Festival Market, this movie is able to penetrate the European countries such as England and Italy. Through the official screening at the Cannes Film Festival, ‘The Merciless’ is sold to 128 countries until May 26. Not only that, at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival, the movie ‘The Merciless’ is also confirmed to be aired in several other countries. Indonesia on 31, Australia and New Zealand on June 1, France June 28 and Taiwan 30 June. With Philippine joining this summer, Japan is targeted for next year.

‘The Merciless’ is a movie that tells a man looking for a chairman or the first person of a new criminal, treason, and criminal organization that has no fear in this world.

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