‘Chicago Typewriter’ Go Kyung Pyo Will Soon Disappear, Should He Look for Yoo Ah In?

The recent episode of tvN ‘Chicago Typewriter’ aired on the 27th. In that episode, Yoo Jin O (Ko Kyung Pyo) faced a crisis where he would soon disappear.

Yoo Jin O was caught in anxiety that his body might soon disappear. For Se Joo’s sake, he revealed the fact that the real author of ‘Destiny’ was not Tae Min but Se Joo, who made Se Joo angry.

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Then he also went on a date with Bang Jin that he really liked. He said, “I want to date because I want to thank you,” which made the woman touched. Bang Jin said, “Do not smile too often. I can start liking you”, while crying and Yoo Jin O hugged and comforted her.

Meanwhile, Se Joo confronted Tae Min, who kidnapped Jeon Seol and called him out into the open. Tae Min who wanted to save Jeon Seol, called the reporter and urged them to say that plagiarism was his deed. Tae Min, who stood in front of them in the previous life, was tied up with the ghosts who harassed them all in this era.

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Se Joo didn’t continue Tae Min’s scheme and would find Jeon Seol in his own strength. Tae Min tried to do a suicide experiment on the roof when he had enough with his life now. So, Se Joo persuaded Tae Min and the two men quarrelled. However, in the middle of the fight, Se Joo fell from the roof and was in a crisis.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jin O’s body started to disappear and faced a crisis that he would completely gone, finally reached to where Se Joo and Tae Min were.

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Jin O with the crisis of extinction and Se Joo who would die from falling. How will the fate of these two men come to an end and will their destiny lead them to the same thing that happened in the past?

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