Kim Jae Joong Becomes A Boxer in Gummy’s Newest MV

Kim Jae Joong starred in the music video of Gummy’s 5th album which will be released in June.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

In the music video this time, Kim Jae Joong will appear as a boxer who never gave up on his dream.

The acting in which will be performed by Kim Jae Joong who previously has acted in dramas ‘Spy’, ‘Triangle’, ‘Dr. Jin’, etc., is eagerly awaited by the public.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

Meanwhile, Gummy’s 5th album titled ‘STROKE’ is a comeback from Gummy after going on a hiatus for almost 9 years. Gummy herself tries to convey her golden voice through the various genre of music on this album which is produced by Gil.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

Gummy’s latest music video starring Kim Jae Joong will be released on June 5th.

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