Gong Yoo-Kim Go Eun’s Love Scenes at Yongpyong Resort

On the ninth episode of Friday-Saturday tvN drama “Goblin”, which was broadcasted on December 30th, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) goes looking for Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun), who runs away after finding out about the truth behind Kim Shin’s sword. The two finally meet again at a ski resort and talks about their feelings for each other.

After the release of the scene, Yongpyong Resort introduced several tourist destinations responsible for the shooting of “Goblin”.

Kim Go Eun &Gong Yoo’s Back Hug Scene, Dragon Peak and Sky Garden

Image source: tvN
Image source: tvN

Sky Garden is the location where Kim Shin confesses his feelings towards Ji Eun Tak. Sky Garden is located at Balwang mountain’s peak; it is a hotspot in Yongpyong Resort that you should not miss. By riding the Rainbow Gondola for about 20 minutes, you can arrive at the garden that is located 1.458 meters high.

Kim Go Eun ‘s Crying Scene, Woljongsa Fir Forest Road

Image source: tvN
Image source: tvN

Ji Eun Tak, who meets Kim Shin at her part-time work, declares that she will pull out the sword from him. This is due to the fact that she already knew about Kim Shin’s secret- Kim Shin will die if the sword is removed. However, if the sword is not removed,  Ji Eun Tak will also be in danger. Despite Ji Eun Tak’s claim, Kim Shin tells Ji Eun Tak that, “I want to keep living with you.”


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